My Current State of Affairs


Here’s an overview of the current issues I’m dealing with now:

In Terms of Fibromyalgia

–joints that regularly rotate out of alignment and muscles that tense and knot up (particularly my right hip, my shoulders/neck and several vertebrae)

–cartilage loss in my right knee cap

–a currently unknown injury to my right shoulder muscles; UPDATE 11/17/14–diagnosed as a bone spur sticking into the rotator cuff tendon

–heavy and persistent fatigue

–plantar fasciitis from flat feet and weight gain

–difficult falling and staying asleep

–memory and concentration problems

–persistent headaches


Everything Else…

–acid reflux/GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease); possible strictures in my esophagus from scar tissue

–numerous food sensitivities (NOT allergies) that likely contribute to inflammation

–recurring and varying skin problems such as temporary eczema and fungal infections that could be part of a larger problem possibly related to my fibromyalgia

–some kind of disorder that makes my feet and hands sometimes develop red welts that last for weeks from heat or pressure, respectively

–weight gain from a combination of medication, slowing metabolism and lack of exercise


At the moment, I am trying to get moving on seeing a physical therapist for my knee, an orthopedic surgeon to diagnose my shoulder, a gastroenterologist for my GERD, and a rheumatologist for my fatigue and my skin problems (as they may be immune system related). It always seems like once I improve in one area, another area declines or develops new problems. But I’m still going to keep trying to get a handle on these things. If anything, it makes me feel good to be taking care of (or trying to) myself. I will keep you updated on my progress. 🙂