I’m Back! (I hope…)


Hello anyone who’s still waiting for new posts on my blog!! :p I am truly sorry that it’s been a YEAR since I’ve updated this blog. Providing understandable, easily accessible, and thorough information about chronic pain illnesses is certainly still important to me, but having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue myself always complicates things. Throw in the typical life events and stresses that we all deal with and here we are! 2015 has been an interesting and mildly stressful year–moving into a house, starting my first job, switching medical insurance, still struggling to stabilize my health, and more. But the desire to share my experiences and what I’ve learned has again frequently been on my mind. I still want to help people in the same situation as me:  dealing with a unique and difficult illness that has little official or confirmed information available to help you out. So I’m looking forward to getting back to updating this blog and reaching my fellow sufferers! Thank you for your understanding and continued support!



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